How To Build A Classic Physique

It’s no secret The Austrian Oak, The Most Popular Bodybuilder Of All Time, The Guvenator –- used steroids. Most people know that. But what most people don’t know is how YOUNG Arnold was when he first started juicing. From the book, Arnold Schwarzenegger: A Biography… “The injections started began almost immediately after Arnold started training […]

Healthy Living: #1 Most Common Food You Should NEVER Cut From Your Diet!

Ever since the 1970’s, when folks like Jim Fix with his jogging book and of course fitness icon Richard Simmons began to get the world onto the fitness band wagon, a lot of information has come through our TV’s about how to lose weight and get healthy. Unfortunately, much of it is inaccurate, misunderstood or […]

Cut Out These “Healthy” Drinks & Drop 2-3 Pounds Per WEEK – Healthy Living Cheatsheet!

Did you know you can easily drop 2-3 pounds a week just by cutting out some drinks that make your belly bigger? And no, I’m not talking about the obvious ones like soda, juice, and alcohol… The truth is, there are 3 “healthy” drinks you must absolutely avoid if you want a flat belly, and… […]

Motivation and Stress: Best ways to overcome Stress and Become more Motivated in Life! – Achieving our Goals and Dreams!

Through life, humans experience or go through various journeys. These journeys can give you the strength and momentum when new things get difficult in life. The lessons we learn on a daily basis feed our mind on how to resolve issues we have. Everything we do is motivated by something we need or causes stress […]