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Eating healthy is something that everyone should do. You remember the old saying four food groups a day? Well I guess we were kind of wrong weren’t we? There are so much more of a variety and subcategories that exist when it comes to having a healthy eating diet […]

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There are so much more of a variety and subcategories that exist when it comes to having a healthy eating diet plan, and in this guide we’re going to explain that a little bit, as well as tell you how you can use some powerful tools in order to get the right nutrients you need, calorie content, and so much more.

How to Make a Good Diet Plan

When it comes to making a diet plan, you have all types of options out there that are “standardized” or marketed diets. What you didn’t know: You don’t have to follow every one of these diets to the exact specifications as someone else. Do your own thing, and be brave. One thing you can do, however, is using a tool like to find out a lot of new information about items nutritional value.

When it comes to the five (yes, they’ve separated fruits and vegetables), it’s important to utilize the subcategories as well. For example, with grains, you have whole grains, and grains in general. You can change your meal plan to meet your needs, but also the things you like. If you don’t like a certain vegetable, you can always find another that offers many of the same vitamins and nutrients you need that you enjoy.

Can I Eat Foods I Enjoy? What About Snacks?

When it comes to snacks, you want more nutrients than anything. You also need to consider things like your activity, metabolism, and even genetics when it comes to finding the right balance in nutrition more than anything. You can’t just eat a slice of bread and consider that a real serving of bread. Eat something like rice, whole-wheat items (pasta, oatmeal, etc.) or something that is healthy for you.

If I Eat Right, Do I Need to Take My Vitamins?

Depending on numerous factors, you need to also know that even if you eat a variety of foods and get all of your vitamin intake, supplementing is now something that’s considered almost a necessity. In the past, it was looked at as an “only if you need to” option, but today, it’s been discovered that almost everyone has a shortage of something (or their bodies process something slower or too quickly to be absorbed, which can cause a deficiency). Taking a multivitamin greatly reduces this risk of not getting enough nutrients. Any other nutrients can be passed through your body and most are water soluble anyway. So even if you eat your Wheaties, take a vitamin as well.


You want to eat at least twenty-five percent of your meals as protein, about half of your meal as vegetables (except breakfast, where you would want to use healthy and eat a fresh fruit instead more than likely), about twenty-five percent whole grains. Also, for each meal, don’t disregard eating a fruit at every meal. Make sure that you eat lean foods, grass-fed red meats, and cut out anything like excess salt, alcohol, soda, and other super-sugary substances. If you look at the “MyPlate” or “Diätplan” method, you can see the diagram in order to see what balance you should have at every meal. Adjust your calorie intake depending on what you need.

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