Best ways in which to Build Momentum for your Online Business and Generate Traffic

Starting a new online business can be a difficult thing for someone who’s fairly new to the field. That is why I have comprised a few tips and tricks to help out… These are the tips that I implemented and thought only right to share them out as well. There may be a few freebies up for grabs along the way as well!

So lets kick off!

  1. UberSuggest
  2. Quick Traffic Tips
  3. Back-Linking
  4. Niche – Which one?
  5. Get Visual
  6. Affiliate Products
  7. Next Steps to Success
  8. Useful Blogs

The first thing I learned, being a newbie in the online business industry myself was getting traffic is as simple as placing a website on the net and then an influx of people magically will appear on your site. No big surprise there. 

This lead me to think how can I optimize my site to bring people there instead of someone else’s.. With SEO Optimization you can quite easily and quickly get more traffic.

But I thought, how exactly do I do this?

1.  Neil Patel gave some pretty big ideas for me, so that’s the first video below, his main tool is UBER SUGGEST – click here

He teaches the exact method to gain FREE traffic which for a new online business can be a lifeline if the capital amount you have is dwindling fast on other expenses. The short and quick 5 minute video tells you how to optimize Google and Rank Faster.

Neil Patel points out that using keywords and a mixed range that link to the theme of your site is better at building your rank on google most of all.

Other free traffic building sites that don’t automate your social media pages are on the market, a couple are & InfinityMailerBoost. With these you have to use time to surf sites or click on emails to gain credits, which in turn you can send people who surf to your site. Effective but conversion to purchase rates can be low, but you do earn exposure.

2. The next important thing when running an online business is that time is very sensitive – there are only 24hrs in 1 day and so every minute counts. Utilizing and leveraging facilities that are at your fingertips, automation has been created in order for people to leverage time. 

It is important at this stage to point out that Social Media plays a big part in getting traffic to your site, but using several at once can hinder and be time consuming – I would recommend Instagram, Pinterest & possibly Twitter.

As time is important automating software you can use has been invented/created to counter-act this. Hootsuite give a free package, found here.

However, I’ve found Tailwind allows automation and adds an extra bonus that other uses can join into Tribes where by each member agrees to share! Correct you read that! SHARE! a certain amount of posts on Instagram or Pinterest a month and they will do the same – this is a powerful tool to your Business enterprise.

The video below explains exactly how to setup the free account for Pinterest but it’s the same process for Instagram if that’s where most your following reside. 

3. Possibly one of the big wows! I had when I saw this was a phenomenon known in marketing as “Back-Linking” where you link back to sources and resources you blog about to not only back up what you’re saying but also indirectly team up with other bloggers/businesses who offer similar/same advice. 

It may seem counter productive to send someone away from the site you’re trying to get traffic to, however you can pro-actively go to the sources before and state you are going to place a link to their site on your page – this gives them a sense of importance and may return the favour in the future.

The video below is relatively new and gives an in-depth look at Back-linking and how to effectively use this for your online blog or online business. 

Once you’ve watched that video – it becomes a little obvious that you may have been doing the blogging and marketing of your site/online business in the wrong way. Although the content you wrote may be relevant, you may not have been getting to right visitors. Therefore I do recommend Back Linking where possible so that like-minded people spot their traffic is coming from your site. 

4. Choosing the correct niche for who you are/believe in is very important. There is no point just selecting a brand because you’ve seen online that it is generating wealth for people and you want to jump on the band wagon. You have to be passionate, motivated and inspired – for example if I am interested in Football, Healthy Living/Fitness and Online Marketing therefore the Niche I would choose would focus on Healthy Living and Fitness and link the other interests to compound profitability.

The video below gives some ideas of which Niche’s may be good for 2019 if you are struggling to know which may be most suitable.

5. Get visual!

By this I mean use videos, images and colours to bring out content – this way visitors stay focused and interested. We now live in a very digital world, and most the new generations.

6. Affiliate Products?

This is a great thing I learnt – you can get paid for promoting other peoples products. You get commissions and that is great! Using the above tips and tricks – again should be a good way to earn an income. A nice and easy affiliate site is ClickBank. A great video showing how to quickly use ClickBank for beginners is below.

If you can correctly implement the above then implement the below steps you will surely succeed quickly in 2019:

  1. YouTube Channel – once you have promoted a product long enough or learnt how to market effectively, this is a good way to get additional traffic, promote products you may personally have made i.e. a course or a ebook.
  2. Blog – A powerful resource to get on the out there, getting publicity. You need to blog at least once per week if not more. It is time consuming but beneficial.

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I hope this post has been informative – gladly will take your comments below. Best practices would also be appreciative since sharing is caring!

Developing everyone in the world is important for global success!

Free content:

Lead Builder – Useful E-Book to build a list of email lists

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