About Me

Who is Ordo?

Hi my name is Wip Burns – Live in the UK and exploring healthy living! The idea behind this came recently when I started to a lot on diets and healthy living but a lot is over-cosmetic and not all truths are given out in the world.

From an early age I’ve always been interested in fitness and healthy living. More so since I became 18 and realised the pressures of having to look a certain way in society or dress a certain way.

I’ve always questioned why someone should look a certain way – however this blog is about sharing diets, health ideas, fitness regimes and motivating other people to achieve their dreams and life goals. Do we have to graft or conform to society? Or make our our route?

I would say I was a novice with healthy living, but now a more experience expert in the field… I’ve read a lot on healthy lifestyle and experimented on diets.. I was what I would call in society, a lucky person at a young age – not what I felt like though at the time, underweight and skinny.

BANG! 21 Years old and I gained 4 Stone in 6months, due to bad health and illness not due to junk food.

Therefore, the journey of Ordo Begins!

At nearly 30 now – I’ve been reading, trialing and evaluating diets of the years, some healthy and some I consider a strain to commit.

The focus of the blog is to share healthy living information and share knowledge I’ve acquired over time. I will be exposing fakes and questioning the status-quo!